Natural Joint Injections for Pain Relief and Arthritis in Oak Lawn


Knee pain is an extremely common symptom, but especially those with osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs when there is damage to the cartilage “cushion” within the joint, resulting in pain and breakdown of the joint. Additionally, there is a loss of the synovial fluid, decreasing its ability to lubricate and protect the joint. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally found substance in the body and is a common constituent of connective tissue and synovial fluid found in joints. Normally, hyaluronic acid acts like a shock absorber and lubricant to help protect and lubricate the joint. Unfortunately, this natural lubricant can be decreased with arthritis.

In order to restore joint lubrication and pain relief, the medial professionals at Oak Lawn Pain & Wellness utilize SUPARTZ® joint fluid therapy injections. SUPARTZ® joint fluid therapy is a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid and aids in mimicking its lubricating function. Clinical trials have shown than SUPARTZ® treatment was effective for long term pain relief1.

SUPARTZ® joint fluid therapy is administered by injection once a week for five weeks, for a total of five total injections. Some degree of pain relief typically occurs before the series of five injections is complete, but studies have shown that maximal pain relief and long standing relief occurs after a series of five injections.

If you have been told that you may need knee replacement surgery or if you have not had relief from other treatment options, call Oak Lawn Pain & Wellness to see how we can help with the knee pain you are experiencing. Get back to your life today!

1 Curan MP. Hyaluronic acid (Supartz®): a review of its use in osteoarthritis of the knee. Drugs Aging. 2010 Nov 1; 27(11): 925-41.


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