Natural Joint Injections for Pain Relief and Arthritis in Oak Lawn

knee pain

Joint Pain & Arthritis:

Joint pain, especially knee pain, is extremely common and can be quite disabling. Arthritis is often the cause and can be progressive, if left untreated. The most common treatment for this disabling condition has been pain medications and surgery. However, the medial professionals at Oak Lawn Pain & Wellness are pleased to offer a safer alternative treatment to drugs and surgery.
Osteoarthritis is caused by inflammation of the cartilage and synovium (lining) of the joint. This inflammation causes pain and breakdown of the joint itself, resulting in the loss of the cartilage “cushion” between bony surfaces. Additionally, osteoarthritis leads to loss of the synovial (joint) fluid that helps to lubricate the joint and aid in proper motion. Without proper treatment, this condition tends to be progressive, resulting in more joint damage and pain.
We at Oak Lawn Pain & Wellness utilize natural injections that can be used without the risks that are associated with corticosteroid injections. Corticosteroid injections have been associated with tendon and ligament weakening, increasing the risk of tendon or ligament rupture. Traumeel ® is a natural substance that naturally reduces inflammatory cytokines and reduces inflammation, without any known adverse side effects. This decrease in inflammation results in a decrease in pain and aids in the healing of osteoarthritis.

Trigger Points and Muscle Pain

Trigger points are common causes of muscle pain and referred pain. Triggers points are areas surrounding nerve endings where metabolic waste has accumulated, resulting in inflammation. The irritated nerve can cause local pain or referred pain and muscle spasm.

We use a naturally derived substance called Sarapin ® for trigger point therapy. Serapin® is effective in decreasing the overactive pain signals at the trigger point. Serapin® is injected directly into the painful muscular trigger point, resulting in an immediate decrease of the spasm and pain.

Please call us at Oak Lawn Pain & Wellness to see how we can decrease your joint and muscle pain naturally and effectively!


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