ALCAT Testing for Food Sensitivities/ Allergies in Oak Lawn


“We are what we eat” is a very true statement. Our overall health is dependent upon what we put in our bodies. Unfortunately, some of the foods we eat and the ingredients in the foods can cause inflammatory immune reactions in our bodies, called food sensitivities. Food sensitivities are different than true food allergies in that true food allergies cause immediate and often severe reactions. Food sensitives cause low grade immune inflammatory reactions that may go undetectable to the patient. These reactions can take the form of irritable bowel syndrome, digestive issues, lack of energy, headaches, chronic pain, mood disorders, skin conditions, and many other chronic health problems.

Due to the non-specific nature of the symptoms of food sensitivity, many patients are medicated for various conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, without much relief. Many of the medications that are used mask the symptoms, rather than treating the cause.

The ALCAT test is the first step in determining whether your symptoms are due to underlying food sensitivities. The ALCAT test is a lab based immune stimulation test in which a patient’s white blood cells are challenged to hundreds of substances, including foods, additives, artificial colors, chemical, molds, and pharmaceutical compounds. The test is done in the office and sent to a specialized lab to attain the results. Once the results are received, we will meet with the patient and explain each individual reaction and determine which, if any, foods or chemicals need to be avoided in the diet. Based on the classification of the food sensitivity, a customized elimination/rotation diet will be designed to eliminate the specific triggers of chronic immune system activation. This change in diet will reverse the destructive inflammation and normalize body and immune functions. With a little time, patients with food sensitivities often see and feel significant improvement in their symptoms and overall health.

If you feel like your health is not optimal or have been suffering from a chronic disease, call Oak Lawn Pain & Wellness to schedule your ALCAT test to determine if underlying food sensitivity is the culprit of your symptoms. Call us today to get on your way to feeling your best!



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